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  • 2020-05-25 16:23:33

    Since COVID-19 has been affecting the world, the athletes might have further thoughts or face inconvenience when registering it. Therefore, we postponed the start date of registration.

    The 2021 TNF100 Ultra Trail Challenge Taipei was going to start the registration process from June 2020, however it has been decided to start the process in October 2020. The official start date for the registration will be announced soon.

    During the epidemic prevention period, do not forget to exercise. We hope the epidemic will subside soon. Let us explore the mountains together.

    We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you on the trails soon. If you have any questions, please contact the official TNF100 LINE: https://lin.ee/i8SOpOv

  • 2020-04-06 09:12:24

    【2020 TNF100 Ultra Trail Challenge Taipei Deferral Policy Announcement】 

    As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, we want to announce that the  2020 TNF100 will be postponed to May 23, 2021. All registrants will be deferred to 2021 without any additional payment. We want to sincerely thank you for your constant support during this time.

    To express our gratitude for your support and to encourage the “Never Stop Exploring” spirit, we want to invite all the athletes who defer their entry to 2021 TNF100 to gain access to The North Face Taiwan VIP Pioneer membership for 1 year.                                     

     The North Face Taiwan VIP Pioneer Benefits

    1. 15% off discount on regular priced items
    2. Annual Birthday Offer
    • l  25% off your store purchase during your birthday month
    • l  Online coupon for NT$3,000

    Application for TNF Taiwan VIP Pioneer

    l  Application Period: From May 22, 2020 to Jun. 21, 2020

    l  Step 1. Download TNF Taiwan App and enter the special discount code unique for each participant. This code will be sent via text message and e-mail on May 22, 2020. After activating your account, you will get one coupon for 15% discount for store purchases and another coupon for 15% discount for online purchases.

    l  Step 2. Make a purchase with one of the 15% discount coupon at one the designated stores or on the official website from May 22 to Jun. 21, 2020 (no price or product restrictions.)

    Note You can become The North Face Taiwan VIP Pioneer. (If your first purchase is at one TNF store, you will get the VIP benefits for all stores and online.; however, if your first purchase is on the official website, you will only get the VIP benefits for TNF online store.)

    If you are not able to attend the race on May 23, 2021, you can apply for a full refund from April 6 (12:00) to May 15 (23:59), 2020. Those who do not complete the application before May 16, 2020 are considered to agree with the deferral policies and to follow the 2021 TNF100 Race Rules. ( 2021 TNF100 Race Rules)

     Additional Information:

    l    Please note that there will not be super fan and early bird registration discounts for 2021 TNF100.

    l  Refunds will be processed from June 4, 2020 (Refunds will be remitted to the applicant’s bank account.)

    l   Refund Application Platform: https://bit.ly/2WVSBGZ

    Please have you order number to continue with your application.

    l   Order Number Inquiry: https://bit.ly/2xFoVDm

    l   Refund Items: registration fee, timing chip deposit, race pack delivery, transportation and accommodation.

    l   According to 2020 TNF100 Race Rule Item 5-(3)-2-(2), if the team size falls below 11 persons, the “register 10 get 1 free” will be automatically cancelled.

    l   If it is necessary for us to assist with re-remittance when the remittance fails due to incorrect account details provided by the applicant, remittance fee shall be borne by the applicant.

    l   The race organizer reserves the right to review and update information covered and not covered here. Please refer to the updates made by the organizer.


    If you have any additional questions, please contact us through  TNF100 Official LINE account: https://lin.ee/i8SOpOv


    The North Face 
    Taipei Zhongxiao Flagship Store
    02-2711-3792 No.226, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao East Rd., 
    Daan Dist., Taipei City
    Taipei Station
    02-2311-8570 11F, No.66, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao West Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City
    Q square Taipei 02-2552-7927 3F., No.1, Sec. 1, Chengde Rd., 
    Datong Dist., Taipei City
    Taipei Nanxi
    02-2581-6738 8F., No.12, Nanjing West Rd., 
    Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City
    Uni-President Taipei 02-2722-8041 5F., No.8, Sec. 5, Zhong Xiao East Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City
    Xinyi Place A11
    02-2723-3769 5F., No.11, Songshou Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City
    SOGO Taipei Zhongxiao 02-8771-9306 10F., No.45, Sec. 4, Zhong Xiao East Rd., Daan Dist., Taipei City
    SOGO Tianmu Store 02-2834-0156 4F., No.77, Sec. 6, Zhongshan North Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City
    Far Eastern Department Store 
    (Mega City BanQiao Store)
    02-2964-3279 3F., No.1, Sec. 1, Chengde Rd., 
    Datong Dist., Taipei City
    Beyond Plaza 02-8231-6706 B1F., No. 238, Sec. 1, Zhongshand Rd., 
    Yonhe Dist., New Taipei City
    Far Eastern Department Store
    Taoyuan Store
    03-339-8195 7F., No. 20, Zhongzheng Rd., 
    Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City
    SOGO Zhongli Store 03-425-7846 6F., No.357, Yuanhua Rd., Zhongli Dist., 
    Taoyuan City
    Far Eastern Big City Shopping Mall 03-533-2749 2F., No.229, Zhongyang Rd., North Dist., Hsinchu City
    SOGO Hisnchu Store
     (SOGO Big City Store)
    03-515-2096 4F., No.229, Zhongyang Rd., North Dist., 
    Hsinchu City
    Far Eastern Department Store 
    Hsinchu Store
    03-528-6322 7F., No. 323, Xida Rd., East Dist.,
     Hsinchu City
    Taichung Zhonggang
    04-2254-3521 12F., No.301, Sec. 3, Taiwan Blvd.,
     Xitun Dist., Taichung City
    Far Eastern Department Store 
    (Top City Taichung Store)
    04-2254-4679 6F., No.251, Sec. 3, Taiwan Blvd., 
    Xitun Dist.,Taichung City
    TAROKO MALL 04-2224-8447 No.186, Sec. 4, Fuxing Rd., East Dist., Taichung City
    Chung Yo Department Store 04-2229-4493 6F., No.161, Sec.3, Sanmin Rd.,
     North Dist., Taichung City
    The North Face Meicun Store 04-2301-5436 1F., No. 265, Sec. 1, Meicun Rd., 
    West Dist., Taichung City
    Nice Plaza 05-271-0179 3F., No.600, Zhongxiao Rd. East Dist., Chiayi City
    Tainan Place
    06-303-0377 5F., No.658, Sec. 1, Ximen Rd., 
    West Central Dist., Tainan City
    T.S. Mall 06-208-5790 3F., No.366, Sec. 1, Zhonhua East Rd., East Dist., Tainan City
    SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI Kaohsiung Zuoying 07-345-7506 7F., No.123, Gaotie Rd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City
    Far Eastern Department Store Kaohsiung Store 07-338-1780 8F., No.21, Sanduo 4th Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City
    SOGO Kaohsiung Store 07-335-5740 8F., No.217, Sanduo 3rd Rd., 
    Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City
    Hanshin Department Store 07-215-8559 7F., No.266-1, Chenggong 1st Rd., 
    Qianjin Dist., Kaohsiung City
    Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza 07-522-8325 8F., No.777, Bo'ai 2nd Rd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City
    Dream Mall 07-823-2559 4F., No.789, Zhonghua 5th Rd., 
    Qianjin Dist., Kaohsiung City
  • 2020-03-10 16:31:25

    2020 TNF100 Postponement Announcement

    Only with great health, we explore without fear.
    Let’s embark on the TNF100 adventure on a later date!


    Dear TNF100 participants,


    As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world and thus affecting thousands of people, we have decided to postpone the 2020TNF100.

    We have already cancelled TNF Training Camp and the Trail Running Seminar, in addition we fear that many athletes may not have had the time to train properly. An event like TNF100 requires proper training and we would never want to put athletes at risk of injury or danger.

    In addition, one of our main objectives is to invite athletes from different countries “to discover the beauty of Taiwan”, and amid travel restrictions we are not able to welcome overseas participants to join this event.


    It is for the reasons outlined above, and in conjunction with the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC), that we have decided to postpone 2020 TNF100 Ultra Trail Challenge Taipei originally scheduled on 24th May 2020.


    It is, and will continue being, our main priority to guarantee and ensure the safety of all the athletes, volunteers and our staff.


    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Your understanding in this time is deeply appreciated.


    TNF Organizing Committee will monitor closely the developments of COVID-19, and discuss with related bodies the possible new race date and suffered response scenarios. We will provide further updates as soon as possible. Please refer to the official text message, race official website, race registration page, and The North Face Taiwan Facebook page for further details.


    For further questions and information, please contact TNF100 Line Official: https://lin.ee/i8SOpOv


    ✦TNF100 Race Official Website https://bit.ly/2PNQyjT

    ✦The North Face Taiwan Facebook Page https://bit.ly/3apA0Xi



    TNF100 Organizing Committee

  • 2019-12-02 13:17:38

    Additional shuttle bus service for 2020 TNF100

    Dear TNF 100 participants,

    We have arranged three additional shuttle buses for the 50K division.

    Busses will depart from Shuinan Dong Parking Lot to Gold Museum and the tickets cost NT$50 one-way.

    If you have already paid race fees, you may use the iRunner service and click the "Make additional purchase" button located on the left side of the 2020 TNF 100 enrollment page to purchase your tickets for the shuttle service.

    🚌 5/24 (Sunday) 02:00 am

    🚌 5/24 (Sunday) 02:30 am

    Busses will depart from Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station(Taipei) near exit2 to Gold Museum and the tickets cost NT$420 round trip.

    🚌 5/24 (Sunday) 01:00 am

    🚌 5/24 (Sunday) 01:30 am


    Thank you for your continual support for TNF 100, and we look forward to sharing with you the natural beauties of Taiwan.

  • 2019-10-14 21:04:00

    Dear TNF 100 Runners:

    We have published the list of athletes entitled to the 2019 TNF100 Compensation Gift due to the problem with the for shirt sizes If you are the  leader of a  group, please inform your team members that TNF race  committee will prioritize your free entry  to the  2020 TNF 100

    Please reviewthe following information:

    1. Registration period: 14 October 2019 12:00 to 20 October 2019 24:00

    2. The free ticket can be transferred to another athlete as long as the new athlete runs in the same group as the original athlete.

      Groups fromof 2019 TNF 100 and their corresponding groupsin 2020 TNF 100:

       ● 100K for 70K
       ● 50K for 50K
       ● 20K for 20K
       ● 10K for 6K (morning/ afternoon group)

    3. All athletes who proved that they were able to run their respective race groups do not need to provide new qualification requirements (ITRA score or race certificate.)

    4. If you wish to transfer your free entry to another person,proceed as follows:

      1) Fill out the application form from our website(Download), and email it to ”r4taiwan@gmail.com”。

      2) Attach scanned copies of the personal IDs from the original runner and the new runner .The new athlete must provide the race requirements for the corresponding group. (ITRA score and or race certificate) (Please see the brochure)

      3)Once you application has been approved will send an email with the confirmation.

    5. A safety deposit of NT$100 will be charged for the Timing Chip. You may claim your deposit at the Chip Return Section after the event.

    For any further questions please add us on Line

    Official Line Account: http://nav.cx/58jACQx

    We, as 2020 TNF100 Organizing Committee, thank you for your support.

    Enjoy the beauty of the mountains and forests in Taiwan and Never Stop Exploring!

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